Should You Buy Preferred or Restricted Shares in a Corporation?

Are you considering buying shares in a corporation?  If so, be aware that a corporation may have various classes of shares, and not all shares are equal.  This is well illustrated in a recent decision of the Alberta Court of Appeal (1891868 Alberta Ltd. v Central Fund of Canada Limited, 2015 ABCA 331). 1891868 Alberta […]

Employment and Mutual Trust: A Warning to Employers and Employees

Employers who seek to reduce their liability for wrongfully terminating an employee must maintain a relationship of mutual trust with their employee. That is a conclusion to be drawn from the recent decision of the British Columbia Court of Appeal in Fredrickson v Newtech Dental Laboratory [2015] B.C.J. No. 1796. It is a well-known tenet […]

Transfers from Parent to Adult Child

Gift? or Resulting Trust? What are the legal consequences of a transfer of property by a parent to an adult child? Will that transfer be regarded in law as a gift? or as a loan to the adult child? In the 2007 case of Picore v. Picore, the Supreme Court of Canada summarized the law […]