We Advocate Your Success

Carr Law has for many years acted as advocates, lawyers and attorneys in the delivery of legal services for sophisticated individuals and organizations, with a focus on helping clients find and implement practical solutions to achieve success in their

  • business and personal affairs and transactions, including purchasing, selling, and mortgaging their homes, organizing and financing their business, leasing commercial properties, planning their wills and estates, entering into new ventures with business partners, and implementing strategies to reduce their corporate and personal taxes;
  • litigation and disputes, to protect and enforce their rights in collecting receivables, exercising their construction claims and liens, collecting damages for wrongful dismissal and breaches of contracts, resolving disputes with business associates and partners, as well as defending and protecting them from wrongful actions and unjustified, unreasonable or excessive claims.


We help our clients achieve success.  Our clients say that we are very detailed in our approach to both litigation and transactions, that we discuss with them the implications of alternative solutions, that we work with them to accomplish their objectives, and that we play a vital role in their success.  Our clients say that we truly understand the law as well as the relevance and importance of both the legal and practical implications of alternative solutions.  Our clients appreciate the strength of our representations and negotiations on their behalf while maintaining a cordial and respectful relationship with other parties.  Our clients say that we have raised their personal success and the success of their organizations and that we have saved them – or made them – hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The objective is always to listen to our clients tin order to ensure that we understand their objectives, their values, their needs, and their dreams. Our reputation is built upon solid results, our dynamic, innovative and energetic approach, and our caring and helpful attitude. We apply our business experience and knowledge of the law to analyze alternatives and determine with our clients a plan of action to advocate and achieve personal and organizational success. We consult and work with our clients throughout, keeping you fully informed of our actions and the progress of your matters.

Association with Bishop & McKenzie LLP

In order to provide continuity to our clients, as well depth of knowledge and experience, we have for a number of years been associated with Bishop & McKenzie LLP, an established Alberta Law Firm in existence for over 100 years, with offices in both Edmonton and Calgary, and a team of creative, dedicated, and highly competent professionals, compassionate and caring for each other and its clients. 

We are trusted legal advisors, top of mind and the preferred choice of decision makers in our client organizations and in the community.  We handle large and complex matters, and we quarterback and retain other professionals as may be required, such that our clients can confidently entrust all of their business and financial transactions and litigation to us.

Bishop & McKenzie professionals keep up to date with the developments in the law and in the business world; we constantly increase our knowledge through participation in seminars, courses and conferences.  Our professionals help our clients keep current in business and legal matters through the publication of articles on topics of interest and through their participation in blogs and client seminars.

We work in a cooperative and friendly environment where all employees are encouraged to excel and are recognized for their contributions.  There is outstanding work-life balance and the families of our employees are supportive and proud to be associated with our Firm.

Our Culture and Core Values

CarrLaw and Bishop & McKenzie are guided by Absolute and Uncompromising Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism.  Our clients, suppliers, employees and peers clearly understand our core values and the advantages of working with us.  These principles are reflected in the way we practice Law:

C – Compassion: We sincerely care about our clients and their well-being, and we work with them to assist them in accomplishing their objectives

A – Accountability: Our word is our bond; we are responsible for providing exceptional client focused services and we demonstrate an unyielding commitment to the success of our clients; we are accountable to our fellow employees for our contribution and the success of our Firm.

R – Respect: We recognize the inherent value of all individuals; we respect diversity and cultural differences.

R –Reliability: We provide innovative and unparalleled strategic and practical solutions to our clients. We are trusted by our clients and our peers, and we will never compromise that trust.

L – Loyalty:  We love our work; we love helping our clients meet their needs and achieve success in their business and personal matters; we love our Firm and our fellow employees and will work with them without criticism or judgment in order to accomplish our common objectives

A – Accessibility We communicate and consult with our clients on a continuous basis, in order to craft effective strategies to meet their needs; we practice transparency and clear, timely communications;

W – Wisdom: We thoroughly research all relevant facts and applicable laws with respect to every matter entrusted to us and we are forever concerned to make sure that our services are meaningful and provide true value to our clients.