Shareholders & Business Disputes

Unfortunately, most businesses are exposed to business disputes from time to time.  Disputes often occur because of unforeseen or unintended circumstances.  Good contracts and agreements are important in minimizing business disputes, if simply because the agreement sets out how business relationships are to be managed in order to avoid disputes or when disputes occur, how the disputes themselves are going to be handled and resolved.

The first of and in any dispute resolution is negotiation, and it is suggested that a lawyer should always be retained as soon as a dispute becomes imminent.  The lawyer’s role is to advise the parties of their rights, help parties avoid situations where their rights are compromise, and assist a party in strategically negotiating the dispute to arrive at an early and acceptable settlement.

Failing an acceptable settlement to negotiation, the parties will have to turn to mediation, arbitration, or litigation in order to resolve the situation.  It is important for each party to understand the alternative procedures available, their applications, their costs, and their likelihood of success.

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