Do You Have A Will?

The purpose of a properly prepared will is to ensure that the estate of a deceased person is administered with certainty, in the manner desired by the deceased, and with the least possible hassle and expense. While a will in one’s handwriting (known as a holograph will) may be valid inAlberta, extra expense may be incurred in “probating” or proving the validity of such will, and such will may not be recognized in other jurisdictions in which the deceased had assets.

A properly prepared will enables the deceased to leave property to specified individuals or organizations, appoint persons as executors and trustees, designate guardians of minor children, and set up trusts for the young or infirm.

The minimal expense of hiring a lawyer to prepare a will is far outweighed by the peace of mind that it affords, and the reduction of possible legal battles over the estate.

In the preparation of wills, it is our practice to meet directly with our clients to discuss their wishes and assemble the necessary factual information. We then prepare a preliminary will for our client’s perusal, and once our client is entirely satisfied, we prepare a will in final form for signature. As a service to our client, we will store the will at no cost in a fire-proof cabinet; however, the original will is the client’s property and may be obtained by the client at any time upon request. By retaining the original will, we not only reduce the possibilities of loss, but we also avoid the dangers of tampering with a will.

The cost of preparation of a will depends on the nature and complexity of an Estate. However, recognizing the importance of a properly prepared will, we charge very minimal fees for the preparation of a “simple” will.